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    The statue was first presented to the university in 1884.

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    Harvard College Admissions Office Visitor Center: (617) 495-1551 Harvard College Griffin Financial Aid Office: (617) 495-1581 School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS): (617) 495-3163.

  • Harvard University is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts in the United States, 3 miles (5 km) north-west of Boston.
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    218M gallons As of 2021, Harvard's water use was down 35%—or 218 million gallons, equivalent to filling Harvard's Blodgett Pool 291 times.

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  • Standard Wall Maps and Customized Maps for Harvard Affiliates.
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  • The source map was selected and downloaded from the University of Texas Libraries Web site by the Harvard University Center for Geographic Analysis (CGA) and georeferenced for the CGA's AfricaMap project by East View Cartographic.
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    Reverend John Harvard, who bequeathed his entire library and half of his estate, is the University’s namesake.

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    Cambridge, Massachusetts, home to Harvard University, is a colorful, multicultural city just across the Charles River from Boston.