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Use tax based on the tax rate percentage for your county of residence. you will need the Bill of Sale.
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  • Bill of sale/sale price; Additional information about the vehicle; Fees for the title transfer and/or sales tax on the vehicle sale;.
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    After you sell a.

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    To complete the transfer of title, both the seller and the buyer should send a copy of the bill of sale to their state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

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    You can use the bill of sale the DMV offers or create your own.

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  • To complete the title transfer, both the seller and the buyer should send a copy of the bill of sale to the state’s DMV.
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    In this case, you can fill out and use Washington’s Vehicle Report of Sale (Form TD-420-062),.

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    A Bill of Sale, similar to a Sales Agreement, is used to document that a buyer has bought and paid for one or more specific items (worth more than $500) (e.

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    While some motor vehicle departments use bills of sale during title transfers, the Arizona MVD does not require a bill of sale to transfer a title or complete any other motor vehicle transaction.